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by Vijaya Mohan

Nature comes alive in a fiery explosion of exciting colours, and intricate designs, shapes and images. The deft and nimble fingers of Vijaya Mohan weave the lotus, lamp, petals, flowers, curls, whorls, circles and triangles into a hypnotic array of double-sided designs which will glitter in the sun, wink under moonlight, sway to the gentle seaside breeze of the Marina and illuminate the Esplanade walkway rain or shine.

This is Rangoli Kaleidoscope, an assortment of unusual rangoli which, instead of being laid on the floor, will hang outdoors on tree-like structures, enchanting passers-by with 300 colourful rangoli shapes.

The rangoli were made by the members of community clubs and homes in a pre-festival rangoli-making workshop. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for people of all races and ages to get together and learn more about the significance of the rangoli in the Indian community. The rangoli pieces made during the workshop were assembled to form Rangoli Kaleidoscope for Kalaa Utsavam 2009.

Participants from Boon Lay Moral Neighbourhood Link
Participants from Boon Lay Moral Neighbourhood Link
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