Festival Opening: 4 Nov, Fri
Anandham - Vocal Harmony
by Temple of Fine Arts

Anandham - the limitless joy music brings presents choral presentations by teachers and students of Temple of Fine Arts featuring Indian semi-classical pieces in a blend of carnatic and western music. Come listen to the harmonic beauty of traditional ragas in three unique compositions: Vennilave - a celebration of the full moon; Tarana - a vocal dedication to the Mother Goddess and Anandham - a bhajan dedicated to Lord Krishna.

5 & 6 Nov, Sat & Sun
Sangeetha Samarparnan
by NAC Indian Music Competition winners

Join the winners of the National Indian Music Competition as they showcase their musical talents in sitar, tabla, carnatic vocal, violin, mridangam, flute and veena.

7 Nov, Mon (PH)
Explorations: All about the Saree
by Shanta Rati & Neila Sathyalingam

Why is the sari unique to Indian culture? How many ways can you wear the garb? Does it vary within different parts of India? What do the intricate designs, motifs and bright colours signify?

Join us at Explorations with celebrity Shanti Rati as she answers these questions with illuminating facts, traditions and history of the Sari. With over 80 different ways to wear it, enjoy a fashion catwalk like no other as she presents stylish ideas on how to drape your sari for any occasion. Rati is an award-winning Indian classical dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, presenter, fashion icon and a regular face across many arts and fashion television programmes.

8 Nov, Tue
Folk Melodies
by Raksha & Jasraj

In a culturally rich and diverse country like India, "folk music" encompasses a vast and practically infinite treasure of traditional melodies. While impossible to illustrate in its entirety, Raksha and Jasraj will instead map out a few colours from the whole palette of folk tunes to enchant you. Join them as they perform a selection of songs such as Lavani from Maharashtra, Garba from Gujarat, a Sufi tune, a Punjabi Ghazal and many more. Accompaniment on tabla by Sachin Bhide.

9 Nov, Wed
Musical Gems of M.S. Subbulakshmi
by Praveena Thodge

Hailed as India's "Queen of Song", M.S. Subbulakshmi enthralled audiences around the world with her voice more than half a century ago. Today, her name continues to resonate in Indian culture as one of the greatest exponents of carnatic music.

Vocalist Praveena, violinist Sughosh Pavan and mridangist Narayanan Balasubramanian pay tribute to this legendary artist with a performance of some of her best-known songs.

10 Nov, Thu
Expressions and Inspirations of Papanasam Sivan
by S. Meenakshi

Hailed as one of the greatest Tamil composers, Papanasam Sivam enjoyed extraordinary prominence both as a composer and as a singer. Part of his popularity rose from the fact that he did not learn music that was specific to a particular time period, but rather handled different ragas in a way that was contemporary with his time. Join veena player S. Meenakshi as she explores the hidden gems and popular tunes of this legendary composer.

Meenakshi is a diploma holder in carnatic music (Veena) from the prestigious Tamil Nadu Central College of Carnatic Vocal, India and is currently a veena tutor with the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society.

11 Nov, Fri
Memorable Tunes of A.R.Rahman
by Panchamam Arts & Creations

Few Indian film composers have had the influence and success enjoyed by A.R.Rahman, fondly known as Mozart of Madras. With his diverse tastes and interests, he is one of the few Indian musicians whose impact has reached far beyond India. Come join violinist Lazar and keyboardist Prabu as they bring you some of A.R.Rahman's memorable tunes from his early Tamil language movies to his Bollywood blockbusters and his award-winning forays into Hollywood.

12 Nov, Sat
Harmony of Poetry & Music
by Neelesh Mishra, Priya Maholay-Jaradi, Raghavendran & Sumeet Nihalani

Explore the rich heritage of the Indian arts in a poetry and music recital with Indian literature specialists Priya Maholay-Jaradi, Sumeet Nihalani, Neelesh Mishra and flautist Raghavendran Rajasekaran. Performing a selection of ancient and modern Indian pieces, enjoy a night of vocal harmony as the verses of Urdu legend Mir Taqi Mir, impressionist Harivansh Bachchan and contemporary poet Neelesh Mishra are captured by melodic flute arrangements.

13 Nov, Sun
Evergreen hits of Ilayaraja
by Panchamam Arts & Creations

One of the most prolific composers in South Indian cinema, Ilayaraja has written more than 4,500 songs for over 950 films. Over his 30 year career, he has worked with some of the greatest Indian film directors and playback singers and was one of the first Indian composers to use Western harmonies and string accompaniments in Indian film music. By virtue of this variety and his interfusion of Western, Indian folk and Carnatic elements, his music has a universality that few Indian musicians have achieved. Join Panchamam Arts Creations as they present some of Ilayaraja's most famous songs in this tribute concert.

Gossamer veils, cylindrical mirrored skirts and ornaments dazzle the audiences with their colourful costumes, creating a dream-like and surreal experience. Devotional in mood and theatrical in presentation, Manipuri dances create a hypnotic effect through gentle-swaying graceful movements. Hence, while it can be ritualistic and recreational at the same time, Manipuri is a classical form of dance that is one of the chestiest, most modest, softest and mildest yet most meaningful dances of the world.

Preeti Patel is a leading Manipuri dancer of the new generation. A premier disciple of Guru Bipin singh, she has also studied under Guru Babu Singh and received guidance in different aspects of Manipuri dance, music and martial-art traditions from such experts

as Khetritombi Devi, Khelchandra Singh, Kumar Maibi and Surchand Sharma. She has also taken training in stage-lighting from Tapas Sen and in movement therapy at Kesley College, Boston.

With comprehensive training and a performing experience of almost two decades, Preeti Patel has established herself as a dancer of accomplishment and commitment. Through her organization, Anjika in Calcutta, she has been engaged in training and promotion of the art. She has also performed in major festivals including the Khajuraho Dance Festival, Bhagyachandra Dance Festival, and the Festival of India in France and the USSR.

Manipuri is one of the most ancient forms of classical Indian dances. Free and spontaneous, easy and fluid, the style is a manifestation of a deeply ritualistic tradition combined with the vitality of the spirit, and performed as a community. A dance that celebrates life, Manipuri is a journey of the self.
For former National Arts Council board member, Dr. Uma Rajan, what started out as a side project on collecting recipes resulted in Spice Potpourri: stellar cuisine favourites—a prolific recipe book well spiced with celebrities, gastronomic delights and some fascinating facts on spices and curry. Join her as she shares interesting trivia and anecdotes on spice, cooking, and the celebrities featured in her book.

Druopathi Thugil is an episode from the Mahabharatha that tells the tale of how Yudhishthira, eldest of the Pandavas, loses his kingdom, brothers, and wife, Druopathi (goddess of fortune), in a gambling bet. Reenacting this epic scene is Thalai-K-Kol, a modern Tamil theatre group that has produced two decades of innovative and experimental theatrical productions.

Founded by Dr. V Arumugham, the group has performed at national and international theatre festivals, winning critical acclaim from theatre circles everywhere. Arumugham, who came from a traditional Therukoothu family of Tamil Nadu, has been in various solo performances of this art form in

U.K, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland. An award-winning visionary, he has adopted modern Tamil plays, as well as translated French plays into traditional theatre, such as famous French playwright Moliere's George Dandin in Therukoothu style in 2002. Where it has always been a male-dominated theatre form, he had once trained a group of girls to perform against tradition.

This November, come witness the powerful art of iyal (literature), isai (music), and natagam (drama) embodied through Therukoothu, and be spirited away by the vitality of this ancient form of street theatre.

Therukoothu, translated literally as 'street theatre', is actually an old form of Tamil Nadu street theatre. Primarily an informal dance, it usually depicts scenes from ancient epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharatha, and Tamil classics. Performing through song instead of dialogue, the male-only Therukoothu performers train themselves to sing in high pitches where they also take on the role of female characters in performances.
The evening will feature a vocal recital followed by a brief talk on selected Tagore works and conclude with a documentary screening of The Story of Gitanjali.

The Story of Gitanjali
Born in 1861, at a time when India was in a political, social and cultural ferment, Rabindranath Tagore began his long career as a poet at the tender age of 14. Often, his poetic output and his personal life were very closely intertwined and he often sought solace in his poetry as a relief from the sorrows and tragedies of his life. In 1912, following a serious bout of illness, Tagore decided to translate into English his collection Gitanjali, or song offerings. This documentary film traces the story that led to Tagore winning the Nobel Prize in literature in 1913. No other work by a contemporary Asian writer of the time had the kind of impact that Gitanjali did on the Western world and it offered spiritual strength to a generation facing the outbreak of war and turmoil.

About the Filmmaker
Malaya Battacharya has been working as producer and director of documentaries and feature films and has won two National awards for Best First Film and Best Director.

Parikrama, one of the oldest surviving rock bands of India, celebrates two decades of music this year. Since 1991, the band has garnered an exceptional following for their unique brand of music and bohemian attitudes toward commercialism.

The band, famous for fusing Indian classical instruments like the mridangam, tabla and flute with modern instruments such as the guitar, drums and keyboards, experiments with nuances of Heavy Metal, Blues, and Classic Rock.

They have performed more than 2,650 shows worldwide with around 150 shows a year, a record for any performing artiste of any genre in India. The band has toured extensively with international superband Iron Maiden, including Download Festival (UK) in 2007. They have recently ended a highly successful USA/Canada tour that ended with a standing ovation at the prestigious Kennedy Centre. Encouraging fans to proliferate their music online, most of Prikrama's songs are downloadable on their website.

"I just didn't realise there were metal/rock bands of this quality in India. I was so impressed by their playing and attitude and professionalism and all of the Iron Maiden band and crew watched and listened to their entire set backstage." —Rod Smallwood, Manager of Iron Maiden, 2007

Drawing images from a plethora of popular and obscure temples dotted around India, this talk will explore the significance of temple building, its symbolism and how it served as a centre of economy, social, political and religious identity in the past.

Come discover:
- Great temple builders such as the Pallavas, Chola, Chandellas, Solankis and more.
- The aesthetics of beautiful sculptures and decorative motifs that constitute the structural forms.

Gauri Krishnan has specialised in Indian temple architecture and sculptures of medieval (8th-12th centuries) India where she has done extensive research on Hindu deities, apsaras and decorative motifs.

Explore the origins and development of temple architecture in different parts of India, their stylistic differences, and influences within India and parts of Southeast Asia such as Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Bali, Indonesia with speaker Gauri Krishnan.